We all know that alcoholic drinks are very enjoyable and we all consume them, specially when we are at parties and more.
But, how much do you exactly know about alcoholic drinks?

You should definitely challenge your friends with some of the surprising facts about alcoholic drinks. Well, it is definitely a social stimulant, and it certainly gets you to lose an app, and it unlocks the fun side of you. But, before you go ahead and start checking your next beer, you should definitely know some facts about the alcoholic drinks that you are consuming. It is essential that you do.

1. White wine can actually be made from red grapes.

Alcoholic Drinks

2. The amount of your alcohol in any can of beer or a glass of wine is actually quite the same. It is the same in spirits as well.

3. Hundreds of years ago, there were a lot of recipes for peer, and they had ingredients like honey, sugar, aromatics, poppy seeds, mushroom, butter and bread crumbs as well. Well, the recipes were quite weird back then.

Alcoholic Drinks

4. No alcoholic beverage can actually be over 190% proof or 95% alcohol. At a very high proof, the beverage will usually self dilute by drawing the moisture from the air. That means, no alcoholic beverage can ever be more than 95% alcohol.

5. It takes more than 600 grapes to make just one bottle of wine. That is all lot of grape wine indeed.

6. It can actually take 40 years or so for a vintage port to actually reach full maturity. That is why, it actually cost so much money.

Alcoholic Drinks

7. Did you know that all of the 13 minerals that are needed for human health and life can actually be found in most of the alcoholic beverages? That definitely doesn’t mean you keep chugging only those drinks.

8. Abstaining from alcohol actually raises the chances that people will suffer from heart disease. You don’t have to abstain from it, but you need a limit. You need to set limits for yourself.

9. Alcohol does not exactly destroy brain cells. Your teacher in your school was actually wrong if they told you this. In fact, the modern and moderate consumption of alcohol drinking is actually associated with better cognitive functioning, relating to thinking ability and memory over time.

Alcoholic Drinks

10. Keep in mind that drinking certain alcoholic drinks in moderation does not at all contribute to weight gain. But, you need to see how many calories are present in your drinks, if you are somebody who is calorie counting, to lose some weight.

11. Abraham Lincoln actually had a liquor license and sold some whiskey before becoming the President of the United States of America.