Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Caulils sandwich owes its unique taste to an unsurpassed combination of top ingredients.

sourdough Bread
Wilde Meadow cheese from Jan & Roos van Schie, De Solitude farm
Etivaz d’Alpage from Switzerland
Mixture of finely chopped leek, red onion and spring onion

Caulil’s Cheese | toast | Etivaz

Caulil’s Cheese | toast | Foodhallen Amsterdam

We have been looking for the right combination of cheeses for a long time.

In any case, we wanted to use a Dutch cheese and it soon became clear that this would be the fantastic Wilde Weide cheese from Jan and Roos van Schie from Boerderij de Eenzaam . Jan and Roos make a fantastic farm cheese from the milk of Mont Beliard cows. They graze on an island in De Kaag. They eat different types of grass and flowers there and you can taste that!

And that also applies to the Etivaz d’Alpage from Switzerland. Made when the cows graze in the alps.

The sourdough bread comes from Dimitri Roels of the Vlaamsch Broodhuys.

We came up with the idea in London (Borough Market) to add a mixture of leeks and onions (spring onions and red onions). There a comparable sourdough sandwich is made by Kappacasein where I was allowed to spy on Bill Ogletorphe for a day.

And of course we make it with a big dose of love !!!